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Video of Mark Loewe (L) and Rebecca Bell-Metereau (D)

Mark Loewe is grateful to have received the votes of 28,289 Texans in the 6 November 2012 General Election as the Libertarian nominee for Member, State Board of Education, District 5.

Texas pays excessively high prices for mathematics and science textbooks, multiple times higher than prices paid for mathematics and science textbooks in Japan, Korea, and other places where children are allowed to permanently keep their textbooks.  Texas can easily acquire textbooks at costs that are low enough to allow children to permanently keep their textbooks.  The State Board of Education (SBOE) should acquire low cost textbooks for children to keep permanently.  The Texas Legislature should pass a bill similar to House Bill 2959 (81st Legislature), authored by Representative Garnet Coleman (D-Houston), to acquire low cost mathematics and science textbooks for children to keep permanently.
      Mark Loewe wrote House Bill 2959 (81st Legislature) and will lead the State Board of Education to acquire low cost mathematics, science, and other textbooks for children to keep permanently.
      Ken Mercer (R-San Antonio) failed to follow Garnet Coleman (D-Houston) and Public Education Committee Chair Kent Grusendorf (R-Arlington) in support of House Bill 689 (78th Legislature), which was based on Mark Loewe's proposal to allow children to permanently keep low cost mathematics and science textbooks.

Mark Loewe discovered errors of roughly $752 Million in the values of two Chilean international investment funds held by the Permanent School Fund (PSF).  According to the Texas Permanent School Fund Schedule of Investments Held as of August 31, 2009 (Unaudited), issued by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), the PSF held 48,805 shares of the international industrials fund LAN AIRLINES SA (CUSIP 2518932) with book value $390,535,414 and fair value $581,689 and the PSF held 715,695 shares of the international utilities fund EMPRESA NACIONAL DE ELECTRIC (CUSIP 2299356) with book value $363,744,646 and fair value $1,094,772.
      Ken Mercer (R), despite his duty as a member of the SBOE to oversee investments in the PSF and despite his Bachelor and Masters degrees in Business Administration, was ignorant of the enormous errors until he was informed by Mark Loewe.

Mark Loewe devised progressive vouchers (progressive school choice) to attract billions of additional private dollars per year into Texas K-12 education and to maximize public education funds available for any child.  Progressive vouchers would empower millions of parents, especially poor parents and parents of children with special needs, to reject mediocre schools and choose safe schools that better serve the individual needs, abilities, and interests of their children.  Progressive vouchers may be the best way to improve education.  The Texas Legislature should pass a bill to implement progressive vouchers statewide or to enable school districts to adopt progressive vouchers.

Mark Loewe discovered that incorrect scores were issued to hundreds of thousands of students on Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) released Mathematics and Science tests.  The TEA issued false statements about several questions on which mistakes were made, failed to correct any of the mistakes, and left the mistakes and false statements to misinform children, teachers, and the public.
      For example, on Question 11 of the Spring 2003, Grade 11, TAKS released Science test, the TEA would have Texans believe that over 82% of the 187214 students who took the test chose a correct answer even though only 5% chose a correct answer.  That only 5% of Texas 11th-Graders chose a correct answer (and some students may simply have guessed) demonstrates a deficiency in basic physics education in Texas that should be corrected, not hidden.  The TEA's false statements, which serve to hide a miserable performance, are due to incompetence or dishonesty.  Texans are ill-served by such incompetence or dishonesty.
      The New York Times and Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported on some questions about which the TEA issued false statements.
      Mark Loewe testified before the SBOE on the topic "TEA failed to correct TAKS mistakes".  Christine Castillo Comer, former TEA Director of Science, informed Mark that "as a direct result of your testimony, we hired four science Ph. D.s, a physicist, a chemist, a biologist, and an earth scientist," to improve the quality of questions on statewide tests.

Questions used to determine student scores on Spring 2005, Spring 2007, and Spring 2008 TAKS tests have not been released to the public.  This prevents public review of the questions and answers for appropriateness and correctness and denies opportunities for children, teachers, and others to learn from the tests.  The Texas Legislature should pass a bill that provides for questions and answers used to determine student scores on statewide tests to be released to the public promptly after each test.

As part of algebra and geometry curricula, Texas high school students should be expected to find the volume of a parallelepiped given the lengths of three edges that meet at a corner and given, for each pair of the edges, the projection of one of the edges onto the direction of the other edge.  A parallelepiped is a six-sided volume all six sides of which are parallelograms.  The formulas for lengths of vectors, areas of parallelograms, and volumes of parallelepipeds have a similar structure, which provides a very important connection between algebra and geometry.

Congress gave away $454,393,280,417.03 of interest on our federal debt during fiscal year 2011 (which ended 30 September 2011).  This give-away, of roughly $1,466 per year for every man, woman, and child, does immense harm to Americans, Texans, our children, and our grandchildren. 
      Congress can easily avoid and eliminate federal debt on which interest accumulates.  Voters should not re-elect members of Congress who do nothing to avoid and to eliminate federal debt on which interest accumulates.
      Texas high school students, who will soon be eligible to vote and to serve in our federal government, should be expected to know that
      (1) federal debt on which interest accumulates does immense harm to Americans and Texans,
      (2) Congress can easily avoid and eliminate federal debt on which interest accumulates, and
      (3) voters may oppose the re-election of members of Congress who permit the growth of, or do nothing to eliminate, federal debt on which interest accumulates.

Mark Loewe endorsed Gary Johnson for President.  Mark Loewe stated, "As Governor of New Mexico (1995-2003), Gary Johnson led efforts to improve K-12 education through school vouchers.  As President, Gary Johnson would support school vouchers in states, territories, and Washington, D. C.."

Gary Johnson endorsed Mark Loewe for Member, State Board of Education, District 5.  Gary Johnson stated, "Mark Loewe's progressive voucher and low cost textbook proposals have great fiscal and educational merit.  Progressive vouchers can be used as one way to maximize freedom in school choice and improve American K-12 education.  Be Libertarian with me; vote for Mark Loewe!"

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