Mark Loewe's efforts to improve K-to-12 education
Mark Loewe, Libertarian, for Congress, United States Representative, District 35, Texas
Miserable mathematics and science scores of advanced U.S. 12th-graders
Mark Loewe has been concerned for a long time about the poor mathematics and science achievement of American children.  Dr. Loewe has proposed common sense ways to improve our K-to-12 education system and has made efforts to get the proposals implemented in Texas.

Progressive school choice - Progressive vouchers
During the 1980's, Mark Loewe devised progressive school choice (progressive vouchers) to attract tens-of-billions of additional private dollars per year into our nationwide K-to-12 education system (billions of additional private dollars per year into Texas' K-to-12 education system), nearly maximize public education funds available for any child, and empower all parents, especially poor parents and parents of handicapped children, to reject mediocre schools and choose safe schools that better serve the individual needs, abilities, and interests of their children.

Let children permanently keep low cost mathematics and science textbooks
Since the 1990's, Mark Loewe has urged parents, teachers, education officials, and legislators to acquire low cost mathematics and science textbooks for American children to keep permanently.  Representative Garnet Coleman (D-Houston) authored bills based on Dr. Loewe's proposal during four sessions of the Texas Legislature.  Dr. Loewe wrote House Bill 2959 during the 81st Regular Session (2009) of the Texas Legislature.

Mark Loewe's K-to-12 curriculum proposals

Texas Education Agency failed to correct incorrect mathematics and science scores issued to more than 500,000 students
Mark Loewe discovered that incorrect scores were issued to hundreds-of-thousands of students on Spring 2003, Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) released mathematics and science tests.  Two questions on which Dr. Loewe discovered scoring mistakes are mentioned in "None Of the Above", by Lisa Guernsey, The New York Times, 24 April 2005.

Mark Loewe discovered errors of roughly $752 Million in the values of two Chilean international investment funds held by Texas' Permanent School Fund (PSF).   According to the Texas Permanent School Fund Schedule of Investments Held as of August 31, 2009 (Unaudited), published by the Texas Education Agency, the PSF held 48,805 shares of the international industrials fund LAN AIRLINES SA (CUSIP 2518932) with book value $390,535,414 and fair value $581,689 and the PSF held 715,695 shares of the international utilities fund EMPRESA NACIONAL DE ELECTRIC (CUSIP 2299356) with book value $363,744,646 and fair value $1,094,772.  The book values of the two funds were too high by roughly $752 Million.
Mark Loewe, Libertarian, for Congress, United States Representative, District 35, Texas
Mark Loewe is grateful to have received the votes of tens-of-thousands of Texans in three runs for Member, State Board of Education, District 5:
        7,613 votes, 7 March 2006 Republican Party Primary Election,
      20,052 votes, 2 November 2010 General Election (Libertarian nominee),
      28,407 votes, 6 November 2012 General Election (Libertarian nominee).