Question 16 of the Spring 2003, Grade 5, Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) released Science test reads as follows:

            16   Light traveling through a pair of eyeglasses
                  is ---

                    F   refracted
                    G   transmitted
                    H   absorbed
                    J   reflected

      Out of the 285701 students who took the test, the response percentages for answers F, G, H, J, and no answer were, respectively, 30%, 21%, 13%, 36%, and 0%.

Scoring mistake
      Answers F and G are both correct answers to question 16.  The Texas Education Agency gave credit for answer F but made the mistake of denying credit for answer G.  The TEA wrongly decreased the scores of those roughly (21%)(285701) = 59997 students who chose answer G, wrongly decreased by 0.25 the average raw score expected from random guessing, and, with respect to this decrease in the average raw score expected from random guessing, wrongly increased by 0.25 the scores of those roughly (79%)(285701) = 225704 students who did not choose answer G.  The remedy is to also give credit for answer G.

      Light traveling from air into glass or from glass into air is transmitted (travels) through the surface.  Light traveling from one surface to another within glass is transmitted within the glass.