During his most recent semester as a professor at Texas State University, Mark Loewe taught Physics 3320, Introduction to Mathematical Physics, Part II.  All student comments from official course-instructor surveys are transcribed below; no comments are excluded and all were given anonymously.

Dr. Loewe is a good teacher who expects a lot from his students.  He's always willing to help students.  He's tough but fair.

Dr. Loewe is very knowledgable about this subject and he effectively conveyed this knowledge to me.  I have learned more math that I find useful than I have in some math classes.  Dr. Loewe's teaching style of assigning lots of homework made me learn the material, and I don't think I'll forget it anytime soon.  Also, I enjoyed the class.

I really enjoyed this class -- a good overview of things forgotten -- the homework was intense but understanding was gained if homework done.  I have probably learned more math from Loewe and Olson than everyone else.

Dr. Loewe is a good instructor who cares about his student's performances.  I found the class beneficial but I would have liked the pace to be just a bit slower.  More examples in class would have been good.  Dr. Loewe is patient and works well with students on an individual basis.  Overall, I enjoyed the class a lot.  Thanks Dr. Loewe.

Dr. Loewe presented a tremendous amount of material in a short period of time.  But he presented good enough that it is not overwhelming.  The book, however, I believe did not help very much in my understanding of the material.  Dr. Loewe was a great help when approached.

Dr. Loewe is a good teacher who incorporates actual usasage of math physics into physical problem we may soon encounter as physics majors.  The homework was a lot, but he is more than willing to be helpful.

a very difficult class for me.  yes, I learned a great deal, but my grades don't reflect it. (unfortunately)

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